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How can Social Media help you?

Whether you are personally on social media or not, your customers are. Even people who are looking for you online may comment about you on reviews sites; so even if you don't want to keep up daily posts, it is always a good idea for every business to have a social media foundation. 

You spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year trying to attract and acquire customers; people on social media are already there waiting for you! Control your narrative by controlling your social media.

Facebook is a way to legitimize your company if your online presence is scarce, especially if you don't have a website. Your Google and Facebook listings are where people find you online so you may as well control what they see!

Twitter is an excellent Business-to-Business (B2B) portal. This is where your company can connect with area non-profits, community events, and especially real-time #conversation. 

Instagram is your online gallery. No need for an expensive website gallery - Instagram is where everyone expects to see photos of your staff bowling party, prototype sneak-peeks, the sunset from your office center, and your faithful employee Gary out fixing a customer's flat tire.

Start small and if you like the progress you can also add LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Snapchat or any number of other platforms tailored for your demographic.

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