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Why do I still need a website?

The short answer is because customers expect it. When people google a company and don't see a website, they aren't sure if you exist. In another day or another time, they might have driven by to see for themselves, but not today. They want to see your logo, your address, your phone number in a glance, and when they click once, they expect to see who you are, what you sell and a compelling reason to seek you out.  

That's not all.  Even regular customers are attracted to and inspired by change - it's why we rotate our inventory and replace signage and change our weekly discounts. 


Still not unconvinced?  Here are 10 more compelling reasons to have a website: 

  1. It builds trust. It confirms you are a real company and you are still operating today.

Our Process

From our first consultation, we meet you on your turf to learn about your business - your values, your demographic, your company culture, your goals. We do the first photoshoot, meet your staff, and interview you so we can draft original text. Then we create a homepage to show you at our next meeting, about a week later. You give us the thumbs up and/or corrections and we come back with the rest of the pages. Once your site is online, you still have plenty of time to look it over and proof.  We try to make the whole process as pleasant and efficient as possible. Some have even said it's fun!

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