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Welcome to Fargo Social

If you have been asking yourself . . . 

  • How can I make my brand top-of-mind?

  • Do I really need a website?

  • What are analytics?

  • How can  get Google to stop calling me?

  • I don't know if I have control of my domain name - can I get it back?

We would love to explore answers these questions that are congruent with your company.


Your business;

your voice. We show your customers what makes you you.


Photography for design, promos, staff, real estate, events, food, portraits, sports & more. 


From articles to posts, white papers to review responses, menus, real estate, speeches & more. 


Logos, websites, business cards, promotional materials, signage & more.


Putting it all together to attract, convert & maintain an ever-growing customer base.


"Crown Trophy has thoroughly enjoyed their relationship with the outstanding professionals at Fargo Social. From web site design to social media messaging, their work has always been timely, professional and spot on. The team has been so easy to interact with. They are very collaborative, open to suggestions, and bring so many fantastic ideas to the table that they feel like part of our team. We do not have the in-house people or expertise to provide what is so important in today’s business environment: positive and professional online branding. We trust Fargo Social with this very important area of our business."

—  Jeff C, Owner

If you're looking for . . .

  • A partnership, an ally, and advocate

  • 18 years of experience with local companies

  • A clear voice for your brand

  • Websites as beautiful as they are original

  • Professionalism above all

  • A marketing collaborator who meets you where you are - whether you're new to the online world or a paragon of unparalleled posting, new to the workforce or ready to retire ...

Fargo Social

is ready to serve you! 

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